Read what some of our customers are saying:

Agri Stainless at Portage la Prairie has real good stuff. 40,000+ acres on the secondary towers and they look like new. With fertilizer being so corrosive and abrasive, stainless steel should be the only choice for material. Agri Stainless heads with rubber caps also are so much easier to check and clean. Without rust and swollen paint, the hoses come off so much easier too. A much better system.

Alistair Pethick

McAuley, MB

Excellent product. After a year in storage after a season of use manifolds looks like new inside yet. Easy direct fitment. Good service and know what they’re selling.

Justin DeVries

Canora, SK

Agri Stainless has been great to work with; we are always trying to think outside the box, and they are eager to provide solutions for our off-the-wall projects.

Marc Hasenick, Hasenick Bros.

Springport, MI

Meter box design is great, all stainless design that is sealed, unlike others that I’ve seen in the past that still utilize some plastic components. Great products.

Jessie Evans

Barrhead, AB

Mark and Linda Voesenek are excellent manufacturers who are knowledgeable, friendly and go the extra mile to provide their customers with long lasting components at reasonable prices.

Bob Eyolfson

Foam Lake, SK

Agri Stainless manifolds and couplers are second to none. Better product than OEM, by a long shot! Longevity and user friendly

Aaron Lunde

Thorsby, AB

The Agri Stainless staff were very helpful and knowledgeable.  They answered questions promptly, patiently & respectfully.

William Swanson

Chauvin, AB

Great product… easy to install. 3000 acres … looks like new still!!

Dave Penley

Rabbit Lake, SK

I have 1820 JD air drill, I changed out the old secondary towers to yours and haven’t looked back. They were easy to install, self cleaning out, and if you have any runs plug up they are easy to find and access.

Jason Goudy

Stoughton, SK

Bourgault 8810 and 3225 tank primary line retrofit with stainless steel custom pieces from Agri Stainless plus Agri Stainless 5″ primary riser, mount and 6-way head. Agri Stainless was easy to deal with and very accommodating every step of the way in making this happen. Agri Stainless pricing makes it affordable with equal or cheaper pricing than OEM parts.

Tim Haseltine

Bowden, AB

Your products are great.  As my machine gets older, I’ll definitely be getting replacement parts from you as they came quickly after I ordered them & the cost was cheaper than factory replacement.


Jeff Nelson

Stalwart, SK

Product I purchased from Agri Stainless was primary manifold towers for a Bourgault seeding system. They are very well made; can tell they have an attention for detail. The service was excellent, from the first time I phoned in to inquire about their products till the time I received it, they always did exactly what they said they were going to. Will definitely recommend them to others.

Leslie Schutte

Canwood, SK

We are extremely happy. This is the way they should come new.

Mark Cudmore, Cudmore Farms

Wawota, SK

I have to say I had a very good experience dealing with you guys for my John Deere stainless parts. I changed everything on my cart and air drill to stainless steel this winter and couldn’t be happier. I have never had a meter housing (even brand new Deere) work as smoothly as these. My one concern when purchasing these was the stainless steel half slides, but after having them on for a season I would not change them out for anything. The Agri Stainless towers on the drill worked great. Never had an issue with the rubber caps like I was concerned could be a problem on cold nights. If I had to give this a rating it would be 5 Stars. Hands down worth the money to change everything on my air cart to stainless. 

Nevin Gordon

Griffin, SK

The staff was great and super knowledgeable about their products. We had great support for the install and after hours was not an issue. We needed an additional part and it was ordered and sent out very quickly. Products are doing exactly what we wanted them to. We will be looking to add more products from Agri Stainless in the very near future.

Jordan Sawchuk

Riding Mountain, MB

I have my seeding completed and didn’t plug up once. Made seeding so much smoother.

George Slusarczyk

Warburg, AB

This product was easy to install it adapted my Bourgault 6550 tank to my 800 precision hoe with a seven hole Manifold.

Keith Thibault

St. Benedict, SK

Peace of mind!! Can’t thank the guys at Agri Stainless enough for the great work they’ve done; all my rusty seeder components are gone and replaced with super nice looking stainless steel😊. Something that already paid off for us, a very affordable way to get your rig back to new! Go stainless!

Darren Wollman

Glenboro, MB

We had this (piping system) custom made for our 80′ seed Hawk. Found it easy to install. They were built to my specs. Made for less hose use, lower fan speed and easier on the seeds. Have had many compliments on the tubes and are very happy with the performance of them so far.

Michael Weber

Arcola, SK

We are very please with the upgrade to your stainless steel products!!! Everything is fitted well, and I foresee this lasting a long time. The clean out is nice. I also am very pleased we made the change to 8 run machine! It has definitely given us more air capacity and I believe that our air pressure across the drill is much more even. I believe this will be one of the biggest benefits of the upgrade. Thank you for helping us threw the rebuild and getting this done in a timely manner for us this winter. Customer service was great! Great people!

Very pleased customer!

Travis Paulgaard

Provost, AB

I went from steel to stainless on our 3310 drill for the same money I would have cost me to buy steel. I know I have a super product. I have referred others to Agri Stainless. Keep up the good work.

Airport Colony

Macdonald, MB

After using Agri Stainless parts I won’t consider using any others, will hopefully have the rest changed before next season. Thanks for a superior product.

Ken Abrahamson

Pelly, SK

Thank u Mark and the Agri Stainless crew.  We really like your product and the workmanship.  It sure makes clean the drill out a breeze!   From the meter housing to the tubes and fertilizer heads, everything makes the flow all that much better.  Thanks again and look forward to doing more business with you guys in the future.

Colin Grzenda

Broad Valley, MB

Very happy with your products so far. Well built and worked well. Excellent service!

Adrian B

Haywood, MB

Your product looks great. Thanks for excellent service Mark and Linda.

Scott Johnston

Rathwell, MB